Lakeland delegation came to Imabari

Five students and two chaperones from Lakeland city, sister city of Imabari, visited Imabari city from 6th to 20th of July.
They arrived at Kansai airport in the evening on the 6th.
Although their arrival in Imabari was after midnight, they received a warm welcome from all their host families.
During their stay in Imabari they participated in various activities, such as touring fascinating Seto-Inland Sea, visiting schools, going to the local industries, and having a daytrip to Hiroshima.
They also had a great time with their wonderful hosts and excited to experience Japanese culture.
After visiting Imabari, they stopped off in Kyoto for sightseeing.
On the 20th, they set off for home from Kansai airport with a lot of memories. Some Japanese students already decided to visit Lakeland next summer to see them again.
Lakeland in Florida and Imabari became a sister cities in 1995.
Since then the two cities have taken turns sending and receiving exchange students every year.