Police & Emergency

119 Fire / Rescue / Ambulance

Dial 119(emergency phone number exclusive to the fire department ) for a fire engine or ambulance. The 119 number is in operation 24 hours a day.
Sudden illness or injury ; Tell them your name, address and describe the condition of the sick or injured. The ambulance will find an appropriate hospital.
The ambulance is free

110 Police; crime & accidents

If you are involved in a crime or an accident, or if you need to urgently contact the police, dial 110(emergency phone number exclusive to the police department) on a regular telephone or public telephone. The 110 number is in operation 24 hours a day. Calling 110 from a public telephone doesn't require coins or a card

Jiko desu. ( There's been an accident.)
Sugu kite kudasai. ( Please come quickly.)
Tasukete kudasai. (Please help.)
Kega wo siteimasu. ( Someone is injured.)
Kyubyou desu. ( Someone has suddenly become ill.)
When a fire breaks out ; First say, Kaji desu ( There is a fire.),
and then tell them your name, address, phone number, location or any major buildings or landmarks nearby.