Hospital Visits

If you become ill or are injured in an accident, go and see the doctor as soon as possible. Make sure to bring your insurance card. If not insured, you'll have to pay all medical costs. On holidays or in case of an emergency during non-consultation hours, go to a designated emergency hospital.

1) First of all, you should show your insurance card at the reception desk and fill out an application form. If you can't read Japanese, you should bring the following application form:

A. Name: (Last)(First)(Middle) 名前 [namae] __________
B. Sex: Male: Female 性別 [seibetsu] 男 [otoko]/ 女 [onna] __________
C. Date of birth: Month/Day/Year 生年月日 [seinengappi] __________
D. Age: 年齢 [nenrei] __________
E. Nationality: 国籍 [kokuseki] __________
F. Address: 住所 [juusyo] __________
G. Home Tel: 電話番号 [denwa-bangou] __________
H. Business or School name (if child, give parents): 勤務先/学校 [kinmusaki/gakkou] ___
I. Business Tel: 勤務先電話 [kinmusaki-no denwa] __________

2) Next, try to explain your condition or symptoms in Japanese to the doctor or nurse. Since you may find it difficult to pronounce them, practice from the following list.

A. (Fill in the body parts) is painful. ・・・・・ (___) が、痛みます。(___) ga itamimasu.
B. I have a fever. ・・・・・ 熱が、あります。 Netsu ga arimasu.
C. I have a cough. ・・・・・ せきが、でます。Seki ga demasu.
D. I have been feeling ill. ・・・・・ 気分が、悪いです。 Kibun ga warui desu.
E. I have been in an accident. ・・・・・ 事故に、あいました。 Jiko ni aimashita.
F. I have asthma. ・・・・・ 喘息が、あります。 Zensoku ga arimasu.
G. I have hayfever. ・・・・・ 花粉症、です。 Kafunsho desu.
H. I have trouble breathing. ・・・・・ 息が、苦しい。 Iki ga kurushii.
I. I have dizziness. ・・・・・ めまいが、します。 Memai ga shimasu.
J. I have diarrhea. ・・・・・ 下痢を、しています。 Geri o shiteimasu.

3) What illness have you had in the past? Try to explain your past illness in Japanese.

I had (name of illness) in the past. 過去に、(___)をしました。 Kako ni (___) o shimashita.

A. stomach problems 胃の病気 i no byouki
B. intestinal problems 腸の病気 chou no byouki
C. Liver problems 肝臓の病気 kanzo no byouki
D. heart problems 心臓の病気 shinzo no byouki
E. lung problems 肺の病気 hai no byouki
F. ear trouble 耳の病気 mimi no byouki
G. nose trouble 鼻の病気 hana no byouki
H. gynecological problems 婦人科の病気 fujinka no byouki
I. high blood pressure 高血圧 kouketsuatsu
J. low blood pressure 低血圧 teiketsuatsu
K. appendicitis 虫垂炎 chuusuien
L. stomach ulcers 胃潰瘍 ikaiyou
M. diabetes 糖尿病 tounyoubyou
P. tuberculosis 結核 kekkaku
Q. asthma 喘息 zensoku
R. cancer 癌 gan
0. mental disorders 精神疾患 seishin shikkan
N. epilepsy てんかん tenkan

4) Are you presently taking any medications?

A. I had a rash in the past. 過去に湿疹ができました。 Kako ni shisshin ga dekimashita.
B. I felt ill after I had injections. 注射で、気分が悪くなりました。 Chusha de kibun ga waruku narimashita.
C. I felt ill when I ate (name of food). (___)を食べて気分が悪くなりました。(___) o tabete kibun ga waruku narimashita.

5) Have you ever had a rash or felt ill after having any foods, medicines or injections?

I am taking (name of medication). (__)を、飲んでいます。(___) o nondeimasu.