The 11th i-News International Tea Party

Date : 2005. 3. 12 ( Sat ) 1:30 to 3:30 pm
Place : Ai- land Imabari

i-News and ICIEA co-hosted the 11th International Tea Party on March 12th. Kris Line was the first presenter and spoke on superstitious traditions of western culture. She also gave the audience a quiz handout on superstitions from both foreign countries and Japan. The audience discussed it between themselves and had fun answering the questions.
The second speaker was Richard Janutka who is a master of the didgeridoo. He talked about various musical instruments and played the didgeridoo and the fujara, which is a unique instrument from Slovakia. Everyone was fascinated by the amazing sound. Between their speeches, i-News staff served handmade sweets. Participants had a wonderful time catching up with their friends and meeting new ones.