The 10th i-News International Tea Party

Date : 2004. 9. 4 ( Sat ) 1:30 to 3:30 pm
Place : Ai- land Imabari

Mark Kawabata and Martin Samoy were guest speakers in our 10th anniversary party. Mark gave a speech in the first half. The title was “ Elephants, Bamboo and Pigs ” and through the stories, he had us think about our lives and reminded us how it’s important to keep our dreams and strive to achieve them. He also used unique objects and got the participants involved. In the latter part of the party, Martin showed us around 180 pictures in his slideshow. His professional comments were quite interesting, however, the pictures themselves told an even more interesting story. The attendees were impressed with breathtaking scenery, colors and forms they had never seen before. The successful party was topped off well with wonderful handmade sweets generously supplied by the i-News staff.